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Turkey, Grumpiness, and Good Stuff

We survived Thanksgiving!

Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful. It was also crazy – Turner has been Mr. Grumpypants and I think it’s because his schedule was so thrown off and so many people were in and out. I’m hoping he perks up again in the next few days. I miss my happy smiley boy.

We cooked a turkey in our oven and it turned out well! It wasn’t frozen in the middle, or dry as sandpaper, or anything. A big thank you to my amazing mother-in-law for all her help. NO WAY could I have gotten everything ready all by myself. I will admit, my deviled eggs were yum-o though! Jared pitched in a whole lot, he loves to cook and entertain so naturally he did a great job.

I got to see my parents in-law,  sister and bro-in-laws and our adorable nephews. I love those two cute cute boys! Sadly, with Turner demanding my attention I didn’t get to love them and play with them as much as I would’ve liked. Robbie did beat my socks off in a round of skip-bo. If I would’ve had a chance to play boom-o then Noah would’ve gotten me too.

Then, Saturday morning everyone left except for Eric & Aimee (Jared’s sis and bro-in-law). It was nice to get to hang out with them, because we don’t see them nearly enough.

Here’s some good stuff I learned over the holiday:

1. Cook your turkey in an oven bag. Seriously, just do it.

2. Crockpots are from the heavens above.

3. The Ruby Slipper has the most yummy breakfast ever!


It was a great few days, and I’m thankful to have experienced it.


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Folding Fitted Sheets and Other Things I’ll Never be able to do

I can’t fold fitted sheets; I don’t even believe it’s possible. Sure there’s a handful of Martha Stewarts and Suzy Homemakers that can, I’m sure their linen closets are also color coordinated and their bookshelves could pass the white glove test. That’s just not me – I attempt to fold that fitted sheet everytime. Each time I’m sure it’s going to be different, but eventually I relent, ball the thing up and throw it into the closet.

I also can’t whistle or snap. Don’t try to teach me, I’ve accepted the fact that I will never be able to do those things. I assure you, I will not have some sort of “breakthrough” and suddenly learn how  if you try to teach me.

I can’t draw a straight line – even with a ruler.

I can’t put mascara on without getting some on my eyelid, or blow dry my hair with a round brush. I’ve gotten the round brush stuck in my hair more than once, it’s actually pretty painful.

I can’t eat only one piece of chocolate. Why do they even wrap Hershey’s kisses individually? I’m going to eat the whole bag – it may not be on purpose, but it will happen.

I can’t watch only one episode of Friends I’ll watch discs at a time, much to my husband’s chagrin. He likes the show, but is good after an episode or two. I can’t help it, Chandler cracks me up and I’m pretty sure I was Phoebe in another life.

One day I’ll make a list of the things I can do, but for now these are the things I can’t.

And for the record, I’m okay with that.

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A Tribute to Brothers and a Little Bit of New Orleans

Since having a baby, I’ve given a lot of thought to when I want to have another one and how many etc. etc.

(p.s. by the way) The answer to that is not for awhile, and not sure.

Anyway, this has spurred me to think of siblings, and my relationship with my brothers. I have two real ones, and one fake one (I’ll explain). This post is all about them; I present *duh duh duh* my brothers.


He is my middle brother, being four years younger than me. We get along very well, and I’m pretty sure we always have. I mean, sure, we’ve had arguments and gotten on each other’s nerves at times, but for the most part we’re pretty close. There was a period of time when he probably didn’t like me very much – I was around ten, and he six. I would repeatedly promise to play spiderman with him if he would play whatever girly game I chose, only after he played my game, I’d never follow through with the whole spiderman thing. Sorry, Clint. But, we’re past those times and I’m very thankful for him.

He’s an extremely talented musician, he’s smart, an avid reader, and he makes me laugh a lot. He’s a good six inches taller than me now, but he’s a great “little” brother.


Noah is my baby brother, and though he detests the term “baby” I’ve explained to him that even when he’s 100 years old, he’ll still be my baby brother. I think he’s mostly accepted that now. He calls me Ninnie because when he was first learning how to talk, he’d try to say my name and it just came out “Ninnie.” It’s stuck since then, sometimes he tries to be grown up and call me Lindsay, but he knows I hate it. Our relationship is different because I’m so much older than him, but I’m proud of the guy he’s turning into. He’s kind, with a big heart, and he has an excellent vocabulary. He likes to tease me, and make me laugh.


Nathan is my fake brother – he’s a really good friend from college, but we’ve claimed each other as brother and sister. He is actually younger than me, but has always looked out for me like a big brother, and for that I’m grateful. I’m so proud of him, he’s currently serving in Madagascar as a missionary. I admire his courage, and willingness to follow the Lord. He’s smart, and witty. He makes me laugh a lot, and I cherish our inside jokes.

There’s not really a particular reason why I chose to write about them, other than I’m grateful to have them and love each one of them. I’m blessed to have brothers.

Now, the other part of my blog – oh, New Orleans! Can I just say this place is certainly not like North Carolina. There’s things I love about the Crescent City, and there’s things I hate. These are some of my recent grocery store observations –

1. People are absolutely oblivious to others while shopping. I was in the grocery store today, trying to get down an aisle. I had a shopping cart, Turner in tow and was just trying to get to the mayo that was on sale. Two ladies stood side by side blocking the entire aisle, I pushed my cart forward until I was literally standing three feet in front of them, and it was obvious I needed to get by. I stood there for a moment just staring at them; it became clear that they were not going to step aside. Eventually I said a polite “excuse me” and one of the ladies exclaims “oh!” like I hadn’t been standing THREE FEET in front of her the whole time. It blows my mind, and annoys me to death. It’s not that people are rude, just completely oblivious.

2. Nobody cares that you’ve got a screaming baby and need to complete your transaction and get out of the store. So what if you’ve only got a loaf of bread and tube of toothpaste? The guy with two carts full is not going to let you in front of him.

3. It doesn’t matter if you want to park in the empty space beside the silver Camry. She’s still going to leave her cart in it so you can’t pull in.

Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind today.


A little rant & some thanksgiving food

This has been a very stressful few months for the two of us. For starters, learning to cope with a baby has been a huge challenge. It’s getting better, but at first we were sleep deprived zombies that were lucky to even be able to brush our teeth in the day. I’m still learning how to juggle everything, and some days are more productive than others, but it is getting better.

Right now Jared is in school, working, and counseling. After all of that, at the end of the day, there’s not much time left. I’m not angry with him for it, he’s doing all of this because God’s called him and to better our family. I would much rather get the school done NOW than later. After this though, he’s got PhD, so we’ll be in this place for quite some time.

I don’t want this post to turn into a huge rant, but comments that people make about our situation have really started to irk me. They seem to think that because Jared is a student, we’re in some alternate reality that is not the “real world.” Last time I checked, we pay our bills, work jobs, and raise our son. What part of that does not constitute “real world.” No, we’re not homeowners, and yes we live on a seminary campus, but hello – we’re still paying rent. I long for the day when my husband comes home, and get to spend time with him. When he doesn’t have a paper to write, or a project to work on.

All in due time…

Right now, I’m just trying to bathe him in prayer because he’s pretty much working three jobs, plus trying to be a good husband and father.

Please don’t misunderstand this to mean I’m unhappy or resentful of our present situation, it’s just difficult and I’m ready to have some stability.

But anyhoo…

Would you care to take a gander at our Thanksgiving menu?

I thought so:

Turkey – a whole one, cooked in our oven. we’ll see how this goes.


Cranberry Sauce – unnecessary if you ask me, but it’s a must for J

Green Beans – possibly my favorite food

Mac & Cheese

Sweet Potatos


White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Is your mouth watering yet? I’m so excited, and for several reasons. The in-laws are coming! Not just J’s parents, but his sister, bro-in-law & our nephews too! I’m pumped to see everyone, and spend time together. Jared should have a lull in his school work by this time, meaning I might get him to myself for a little while – well to ourselves, me and the fam. Some good friends are also joining us, and all of us crammed into our little apartment makes for a fabulous time.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year, and I am thrilled that it’s on the way.

What’s on your turkey-day menu?

I will conclude this post with a beautiful image, this is how everyday should end.

T asleep on my lap - utter bliss.


Eleven Eleven Eleven

So, yesterday was the amazing 11/11/11. It was also Veteran’s day, and my friend Elyse’s birthday (happy birthday Elyse!). Everyone was talking about this date all day long; I’ll admit, it is pretty cool, but not worth THAT much hype. In honor of that day, though, I create this post.

11 little things for which I am thankful. (Because it is the month of Thanksgiving, and because of 11/11/11)

Why little things? Well, because I think we often get caught up in the big picture things to take time and appreciate the small things in life. So, here it goes:

1. Sleep. Okay, maybe not really a little thing. I’ve never felt so zombie-like as I have the past few months with a newborn, wow! How do people have lots and lots of kids? Have the Duggars slept at all in 20 years? Are they even human? Since Turner has started to sleep better, I have praised God each night for marvelous sleep!

2. Chapstick. Something I’m not really thankful for until my lips are burning because of the change in the weather.

3. The modern dishwasher. Why? Because we do not have one. Whenever we purchase a home, this is a must. I wish I could literally kiss the inventor of such a machine, and beg him to install one in our apartment.

4. The baby monitor. How were people sane before such a thing? Ours is voice activated, so cool!

5. Cheeze-Its. They are absolutely delicious. My college roomate, Karla, got me hooked on them. I’ve consumed so many unnecessary calories because of my addiction. I’m not sorry.

6. The white board. Much less messy than the chalkboard, and so handy. My boss is a huge fan too, there’s one hanging in my office. He comes in and writes my to-do’s on the board, so I have a visible list of what needs to get done. It helps that he color codes and has super neat handwriting. We also use one as a calendar in our home.

7. Sweet Tea. Yum Yum Yum! I would be totally fine with never drinking a soft drink again, if only I had sweet tea. It’s perfectly southern and delicious. It’s also my nickname for Turner, he’s my little sweet T.

8. Toilet Paper. I mean, hello.

9. Books. I love to read, love love love to read. I don’t have time to do this nearly as much as I want to, but when I can it’s marvelous.

10. Cough drops. I’ve been sick this week, and you don’t think about those little things being great until you’re sick.

11. Fuzzy socks. Comfortable, warm, and cozy. One of the things I love about this time of year.

So those are some of the little things that I’m thankful for.

As far as the big things go…

I’m so so so thankful for my relationship with Jesus, for His sovereignty and His grace. For my husband, his love and care. For my little boy, and the joy he brings to my life. For my friends & family, their support, and assistance.

I’m truly blessed, and there’s much more that I could list, but I’ll end it there at least for now.


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Calm the Heck Down!


This apartment is a disaster, I mean really. I could use a could couple of free hours to scrub, and wipe, and dust, and pick up. Alas, there seems to be no such thing as a couple of free hours anymore. I remember when I was working full-time (pre-baby), I would come home and think I had no time to do anything. Sadly, I didn’t realize just how good I had it, I had mountains of time compared to now. Mountains, I say.

Today I managed to do the dishes (some of them), a couple loads of laundry, and straighten up the living room (sort of). I was sick earlier in the week, and so everything has fallen behind. And, poor Jared, he does his best but working nearly full-time, and being a student full-time, and counseling part-time – well, it takes up all of his time. He helps when and how he can, like last night when he so graciously cleaned out the bunny cage. I find myself getting frustrated that I can’t keep up with it all, but remind myself daily that I’m human and I have to learn to roll with the punches. It’s just I never had the compulsive urge to clean until I had a baby, but I also know he needs a mommy more than a clean house. It’s give and take.

This is Turner not wanting to help me dry the dishes.


I say all of that to say…I’m learning. I tend to stress out a little. Okay, a lot. I’m a drama queen (I didn’t get a degree in Theatre for no reason). Most of the time I’m flying off the handle about something , Jared repeatedly can be found uttering phrases like “Calm down, babe.”

I’m in the process of trying to do just that, to calm down. The other night I was lying in bed, fighting the compulsive urge to go check on Turner for the fifteenth time. I often wander in there just to hear him breath, call me a freak if you will, but I just have to do it. I knew he was fine, I had already checked on him, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t go in there one more time. I started to feel very convicted about the whole thing, scripture does have a thing or two to say about worry. It was as if God was telling me the same thing that Jared tells me all the time – “Calm down.” I fought Him on this for awhile, until Turner screamed a sharp in-sleep holler through the baby monitor. I nearly wet myself because it scared me so badly, not because I thought something was wrong, but because he interrupted the silence. It was just a short, sharp yelp and then it was over. He was just making noise in his sleep, and he was fine. I didn’t need to go in there.

I know that my God is going to take care of everything,  I just have to calm the heck down.


Need to Breathe

Hello all!

I have no idea if anyone out there is or will be reading this, but for the sake of the experience I am going to pretend that I have millions of readers extremely intrigued with my vastly complex and interesting life (ha!).

Thus, I blog.

Life  for the last oh, say, approximately (okay, exactly) twelve weeks has been supremely CRAZY! We welcomed our beautiful baby boy Turner-Clint into this world on August 18th and life has truly not been the same. I wouldn’t have it any other way, he is a handful but such a joy! I love him more than I ever thought I could be capable, and I am learning so much by being a first time mommy. I am sure you will be reading much more about him later, as he sort of takes up most of my time – in a good way.

First of all, I can’t believe I’m getting these few minutes to do this, but at this moment our apartment is quiet. Yes, quiet. Turner is asleep in his swing, Jared’s playing on his phone, and our bunny rabbit (Hellie) is chillin’ in her cage. Wow – it probably won’t last long, but it feels marvelous.

I’ve found myself needing an outlet in this new life of mine, a way to mellow out after a day of crying, diaper changing, and feeding. Not that the day is lacking in snuggling, and playing – there’s plenty of that too. New mommyhood has been more than overwhelming and that is why I have decided to start this blog. I just need to breathe, that’s all.

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