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What a week!

This week has been crazy! We began Monday and Tuesday with fairly normal days. I worked on Monday, and when I got home in the afternoon, Ellen (babysitter) told me she thought T was really close to actually crawling. He’s been scooting for several weeks now, but doesn’t full-on crawl just yet. I kind of thought she was just commenting on his scooting, what I didn’t know until about a half hour later that he’d started to do this!


I’m in TROUBLE now!

I was home with little dude on Tuesday. Turner’s friend Braxton came over to hang out for awhile. I think they like each other, though they mostly beat up on each other. I felt like a referee the whole time “Turner, do NOT pull Braxton’s hair!” “Braxton, do not sit on Turner!” It was fun, but definitely exhausting. Makes me second guess wanting another baby (at least any time soon.) Below is a pic of them playing so nicely, both fascinated by the wipes container.


Later that day, T and I got in a nice nap. Turner woke up all smiles!


I apologize for the sideways pic, I couldn’t get it to flip!

Tuesday night was HORRIBLE! T woke up about 11:30 screaming like he was in pain, it honestly scared me a little. He was inconsolable, none of my usual tricks were working. He’s only ever done this when he was sick, he’s been having a runny nose the past few days, but nothing else. I called the doc to ask about the possibility of an ear infection and see what she had to say. She suggested giving him some children’s benedryl before bed to see if that helped. It did! He slept all night, woohoo!

Meanwhile, we’re still getting things together at work for the dinner theatre. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, hit me up! They’re going fast. My office is a mess, partially because I’ve moved to a new location, and had to order new shelves – they’ve taken FOREVER to get here, so my floor looks like this:


But the shelves arrived today, and once they’re assembled, I’ll have a place to put stuff. Yay!

So, it’s been a busy week. I’m looking forward to some relaxing this weekend. Of course, with a 7-month old, no guarantees.

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What the heck did you name that kid?!?!

Okay – for those that wish to know, I am going to explain where we got Turner’s name. It was a LONG and indecisive process for us, but we finally came to an agreement. I love his name, I hate that it’s a little confusing and a lot long, but it’s special.

Turner-Clint Nathaniel Thomas

Jared was very close with his grandfather T.C. Thomas. He passed away when Jared was young, but he’s a man that my husband admired and cherished very much. He always has wanted to name his son T.C. Wonderful idea, however T.C. stood for Thomas Cleveland Thomas. (Jr. I might add). There was no way we were naming our kid Thomas Thomas.


I hate initials (no offense to anyone who goes by their initials). I know I get this from my mom, she hates them too. I feel like two letters are not a name, and just don’t get it. So, we wanted to pay homage to Jared’s grandad, but to come up with a T.C. name we could love. (Ok, I could love. Jared would have been totally fine with just initials). My dad is also a T.C. – Thomas Clinton. Clinton is also my brother’s first name, and he mostly goes by Clint.

We just liked the name Turner, besides the T it didn’t actually come from anywhere. We took Clint from my dad & bro, put a hyphen and voila – his first name: Turner-Clint.

My other “brother” Nathan is marvelous, and Jared and I both loved the name Nathaniel and couldn’t part with it. (though Nathan is just Nathan, not Nathaniel – confused yet?) We plan to have more kids one day, but there’s no guarantees we’ll get another chance to use Nathaniel. We payed homage to my sweet “brother” with T’s middle name.

Bonus, with this addition his initials are T.N.T.

Baby dynamite!

And that’s the story. Complicated, yes. But we love it, and I make no apologies for it. If you hate it, good for you. Have your own kids and name them.

: )

P.S. if you’re interested in my brothers, I talk about them here.

P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S?) Turner is seven months old today! Slow down buddy.

7 months and full of personality! This is his initial reaction to yogurt the first time.



Best Part of the Day

The best part of my day, hands down – getting Turner to bed.

See, Turner wants NOTHING to do with Jared at night time. He loves his Daddy, and squeals with delight when he gets home from work in the afternoon. He loves to roughhouse and play with him, and giggles and grins at him all day long. But, when it comes to bedtime, Dad just doesn’t cut it.

And secretly, I kinda really like it. I love that he wants my snuggles at the end of the day. I cherish rocking and singing to that sweet boy. I hold him in my arms and say a prayer of thanks and protection for him; I don’t deserve such a precious blessing.

I know that this won’t last forever. So tonight, I’ll snuggle him extra long.

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25 Before 25

So before I really ‘begin’ this post, I’d like to apologize for my recent lack of posts. Things have been crazy! We’ve had lost of visitors staying with us, and work is super busy PLUS I mean, come on, there’s a certain 7-month old that takes up a lot of time. So…those are my excuses, they’re the best I’ve got.

I’ve been keeping a mental list of 25 things I’d like to accomplish before I’m 25. It recently occurred to me that 25 is quickly approaching so I’ve got to get on this!

Here’s my list (in no particular order)…

1. Have my first baby

2. Have some of my work published

3. Begin writing a novel with solid direction (in other words, have a plan)

4. Read the Bible all the way through

5. Bake a cake AND pie from scratch

6. Get a job that I love (while having to work)

7. THEN become a stay at home Mom

8. Go on a real vacation with my family (like, not to visit our parents) (no offense Mom & Dad!)

9. Form an actual cleaning routine, and keep our home clean (for the most part, no one’s perfect)

10. Own a car that was made after 1999

11. Read at least five books off my “biggie” list

12. Take sewing classes

13. Pay off student loans

14. Make a scrapbook

15. Catalog my favorite recipes

16. Take cake decorating classes

17. See the Grand Canyon

18. Shoot a gun

19. Ride in a hot air balloon

20. Go camping with my family

21. own a dishwasher

22. Make our own baby food  (though I don’t as much as a should)

23. Learn to use a curling iron (pathetic?)

24. Take voice lessons

25. Blog more often

I realize some of these are more ambitious than others, but we’ll see. So, how many days to I have to get these done?

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