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What the heck did you name that kid?!?!

on March 19, 2012

Okay – for those that wish to know, I am going to explain where we got Turner’s name. It was a LONG and indecisive process for us, but we finally came to an agreement. I love his name, I hate that it’s a little confusing and a lot long, but it’s special.

Turner-Clint Nathaniel Thomas

Jared was very close with his grandfather T.C. Thomas. He passed away when Jared was young, but he’s a man that my husband admired and cherished very much. He always has wanted to name his son T.C. Wonderful idea, however T.C. stood for Thomas Cleveland Thomas. (Jr. I might add). There was no way we were naming our kid Thomas Thomas.


I hate initials (no offense to anyone who goes by their initials). I know I get this from my mom, she hates them too. I feel like two letters are not a name, and just don’t get it. So, we wanted to pay homage to Jared’s grandad, but to come up with a T.C. name we could love. (Ok, I could love. Jared would have been totally fine with just initials). My dad is also a T.C. – Thomas Clinton. Clinton is also my brother’s first name, and he mostly goes by Clint.

We just liked the name Turner, besides the T it didn’t actually come from anywhere. We took Clint from my dad & bro, put a hyphen and voila – his first name: Turner-Clint.

My other “brother” Nathan is marvelous, and Jared and I both loved the name Nathaniel and couldn’t part with it. (though Nathan is just Nathan, not Nathaniel – confused yet?) We plan to have more kids one day, but there’s no guarantees we’ll get another chance to use Nathaniel. We payed homage to my sweet “brother” with T’s middle name.

Bonus, with this addition his initials are T.N.T.

Baby dynamite!

And that’s the story. Complicated, yes. But we love it, and I make no apologies for it. If you hate it, good for you. Have your own kids and name them.

: )

P.S. if you’re interested in my brothers, I talk about them here.

P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S?) Turner is seven months old today! Slow down buddy.

7 months and full of personality! This is his initial reaction to yogurt the first time.



4 responses to “What the heck did you name that kid?!?!

  1. Tiffany Locke says:

    First, I LOVE your blogs, they always make me smile. Second, I love Mr. T’s name and I LOVE your comment “if you hate it…..” 🙂 and Third, what a sweet sweet pic!!!

  2. Pam Thomas says:

    By the way Jared’s maternal great-grandfather’s name was Clinton also. So Clinton is from both sides of the family.

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