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What a week!

on March 23, 2012

This week has been crazy! We began Monday and Tuesday with fairly normal days. I worked on Monday, and when I got home in the afternoon, Ellen (babysitter) told me she thought T was really close to actually crawling. He’s been scooting for several weeks now, but doesn’t full-on crawl just yet. I kind of thought she was just commenting on his scooting, what I didn’t know until about a half hour later that he’d started to do this!


I’m in TROUBLE now!

I was home with little dude on Tuesday. Turner’s friend Braxton came over to hang out for awhile. I think they like each other, though they mostly beat up on each other. I felt like a referee the whole time “Turner, do NOT pull Braxton’s hair!” “Braxton, do not sit on Turner!” It was fun, but definitely exhausting. Makes me second guess wanting another baby (at least any time soon.) Below is a pic of them playing so nicely, both fascinated by the wipes container.


Later that day, T and I got in a nice nap. Turner woke up all smiles!


I apologize for the sideways pic, I couldn’t get it to flip!

Tuesday night was HORRIBLE! T woke up about 11:30 screaming like he was in pain, it honestly scared me a little. He was inconsolable, none of my usual tricks were working. He’s only ever done this when he was sick, he’s been having a runny nose the past few days, but nothing else. I called the doc to ask about the possibility of an ear infection and see what she had to say. She suggested giving him some children’s benedryl before bed to see if that helped. It did! He slept all night, woohoo!

Meanwhile, we’re still getting things together at work for the dinner theatre. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, hit me up! They’re going fast. My office is a mess, partially because I’ve moved to a new location, and had to order new shelves – they’ve taken FOREVER to get here, so my floor looks like this:


But the shelves arrived today, and once they’re assembled, I’ll have a place to put stuff. Yay!

So, it’s been a busy week. I’m looking forward to some relaxing this weekend. Of course, with a 7-month old, no guarantees.


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