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T’s Dr. Seuss Room: A Tour

on June 11, 2012

Reading – the smell of the pages, the way they feel between your fingers as you turn the page, the curiosity you feel when encountering new words, and the “just can’t put it down” feeling, those things are heaven.

I hope to instill within my children a love for reading. As a child I loved Dr. Seuss; I loved the way he rhymed words and even made up his own. The illustrations are beautiful and fun, and overall the messages he conveys are great! I STILL love Dr. Seuss. For a long time I’ve known I wanted to give my first kid a Dr. Seuss room, and have been saving things along the way.

Here is what we were able to manage on our extremely low budget, and small space (please excuse the crappy phone pics, my “real” camera is in need of some AA’s:


This hangs on T’s door. I made it with a gift bag, some ribbon and a sharpie. The quote is from Horton Hears a Who. I love it because we’re pro-life: especially after experiencing pregnancy first-hand, and I think Dr. Seuss was a little bit too : )


The view looking into his room, Cat in the Hat is his friend.


These are fabulous book ends I’ve had for years. I love love love them.


A tiny portion of Turner’s library, my old collection.


T’s crib and wall above. He has super-cute colorful bedding but I may still be too paranoid to let him sleep with much more than a small blanket (if that) besides, he kicks it off anyway.


His changing table, and cute balloons hanging above. He likes to stare at them when he’s not trying to escape the torture of being changed.


This was a project! We have a huge garage shelf in his room that stores all of the junk we can’t fit into the closets (luggage, Christmas stuff, etc). I wanted to cover it up, because it’s rather unsightly, we tried several things that didn’t work, so this was the solution. I think it turned out pretty cute, complete with Cat in the Hat’s bowtie : )

That’s it! I love his room, and there are some details not pictured: Colorful rugs, and storage bins and some other small fun things. Maybe one day I’ll post part II


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