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A Daddy-Day Tribute

on June 15, 2012

Sunday will be Jared’s first Father’s Day. I wanted to write a little something to express my thanks to him, so here it goes.

Turner was the first newborn Jared has ever held. I contend that he must have held our nephews when they were tiny, but he says otherwise. Maybe Aimee remembers?

First of all, let me say fatherhood did not start off easy for Jared. Turner was born on August 18th. Jared’s semester began the 22nd. Not only did he have to go back to classes just days after the babe was born, but he was working a job at the time that dealt with online classes and registration. I won’t go into detail to tell you exactly what he had to do for fear of putting you to sleep, but let’s just say the first few days of each semester were the busiest and most stressful days for him and he had to be there. They really didn’t have anyone to cover him at the time. (Lucky for me, I had family in time to help out)

So, bless him – he had to go from class to stressful work and back home (not to mention he still had to counsel his clients!) to a hormonal wife trying to learn to breastfeed, and a screaming baby. He also got virtually no sleep. While I could take a nap during the day while T did, Jared did not have that luxury. Yet, he helped me out the best he could! Do I need to stress, this pregnancy was not planned – the timing of Turner’s birth could not have been worse. (Not to mention, I hope to never go through the hot New Orleans summer hugely pregnant ever again).

In addition to that, Turner was not Jared’s friend at first. If Jared tried to comfort him, or help me out in the night T was not having it! This was mostly in the evening/nighttime hours. Turner was okay with him during the day while he was happy but for comfort, or sleepy time I was the only one he wanted. This frustrated Jared because he’d do the exact same thing I would, and get the opposite response (a.k.a. screaming, crying etc.)

But, we got through that little bump in the road and now the boys are chums once again. Turner LOVES to play with his Daddy! He laughs at him, tries to steal his classes, throws his soccer ball back and forth, and is generally interested in anything Jared is doing (especially if it involves food). Jared is great with him, and I can see them throwing baseball, and running around the yard together in the years to come.

J has also been very patient with me as a mom. I’ve found myself overwhelmed at times, and I’m not a student and only work part time. He works very hard to provide for us, and for that I’m so thankful. I’m proud to call him my husband and the father of my sweet son.

Happy Father’s Day to my sweet Jared Alan. Turner is blessed to call you “Dada.”



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