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Easy Breezy Summertime

on June 22, 2012

It’s summer!!!

While summertime in New Orleans brings a whole lotta heat and humidity, we’ve been enjoying our relaxed family time. I so look forward to Jared being out of class, it makes me kinda really wish he was through with school forever, then we could maybe (probably not) have a “normal” life. I mean, what the heck is that?!?! 

T and I have been thoroughly enjoying the pool. I used to hate going to the pool, because of the shared water, and feeling so self-conscious in a swim suit. But, these days, I just don’t really care. I’m in the process of losing all this baby weight (more on that later), and everyone is looking at my cute kid anyway instead of me, so oh well! We have fun, and Turner sleeps well, like a baby afterward. I call that a win-win. 

After Turner goes to bed, Jared and I watch Burn Notice, or read comics, or play scrabble. LOVE this time together, during the semester I often feel very disconnected from him because his huge load of school work. I end of feeling like a single parent sometimes because he’ll have to go to the library just to get things done, so sweet T and I hang out without him. Enough complaining, this is the season we’re in and one day it’ll be over. 

This easy summer will soon be over, Jared has to jump on reading for his seminar and colloquium in the fall. He only has like 24 books to read, no biggie, right? I’m thinking this PhD thing is gonna be a breeze, right? 

I digress.

My family (minus Clint) has been visiting this week. We took Turner to the beach for the first time! We went to Long Beach Mississippi, and had a good time. MS beaches are NOTHING like the Carolina beaches I know and love (I’d love to be at Folly Beach or Pawley’s Island right about now) but there was sand and water, so an okay substitute. T loved the sand, and surprisingly did not try to eat it. He wasn’t a big fan of the waves, didn’t like the water coming at him. He had a good time crawling around in the sand, sitting in his very own beach chair, and munching on some watermelon. BONUS: Last night he slept straight through from 8:45pm-8am.

Photo-wise this was about the best I could do. I couldn’t tell what I was taking the sun was so bright!


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